Quit Your Band! audiobook now available

After a long, long wait, the English audiobook edition of Quit Your Band! is now available. Currently, it only seems to be available via Audible, but I think it's due to go up on iTunes soon.

I narrated the book myself, which was a painful experience, although it helped me pick up on dozens of spelling and grammar errors that can hopefully now be fixed in subsequent print batches and Kindle updates. It was also cheaper to do it that way, and since I'm reliably informed that I have a voice like a late-night radio DJ, I'm sure it will be a pleasant experience for everyone.


It also features an exclusive mix/sampler with 70 minutes of music from Call And Response Records at the end, quite a lot of which is relevant in some way to the book. I posted a track list over on the Call And Response website, so go check it out (and investigate the brilliant bands) over there now, why don'tcha.

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